Irish Red and White Setter Debborin


Puppies were born 1st August 2020!

2nd week of life
The first 2 weeks of life we "celebrated" by cutting nails and doing deworming treatment. Puppies try to walk on their yet wobbly legs and explore their whelping box. Most of them have their eyes open and their weight is around 1300gr.

1st week of life
Puppies are already 1 week old and they grow as weeds! Of course they spend most of the time drinking milk and sleeping. Debbie is fabulous mum, who is looking after them all the time and assists during weighing. Puppies have nearly 900gr!

Debbie began to give birth on Saturday after lunch and within 5 hours she delivered 2 boys and 4 girls.
The litter is well ballanced in weight (381 - 402 gr) and all are doing great!

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